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Dario Prestieri

Content & Travel Manager

I was born and lived in Naples, now I live in Rome. Two cities that have marked my life. Naples marked my childhood and my youth with curious eyes focused on the sea as I began my training. Rome represented the professional growth, the awareness and the strength of my work, the discovery of my passions.

The growth in the city of Rome could only enrich the feelings I had nourished myself until then. Along with work, I rediscovered my passion for photography by taking courses with teachers of high professional standard and admiring the city with the feeling of walking on an open history book.

I have always worked in the field of travel and tourism as a young tourist guide. The subsequent twenty-year experience in travel agencies has allowed me to give life, just over ten years, to my own tour operator activity working with travel agencies in a climate of collaboration and commitment. This experience and the commitment that accompanied it, together with that of a traveller, allowed me to broaden and increase knowledge, a fundamental factor in the tourism sector all the more in a reality, which already then saw the do-it-travellerYou are becoming increasingly aware of the travel and tourism industry through online information.

In the course of my activity, I propose new forms of travel in the field of experiential travel. In this objective are placed the experiences in which the traveller is involved in activities with a strong personal impact that allows you to interact with people, history, culture and traditions of the places.  In this context, photographic workshops allow you to combine the passion for travel with that of photography.

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