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The renaissance of oil tourism

La rinascita dell'oleoturismo

The oil tourism gains ground and we at MDS are among the finalists of the National Oil Tourism Competition

Since January 1, 2020, oil tourism acquires its rightfulness: this is how the rebirth of oil tourism begins.. Finally you can equate the activities organized in the field of oil tourism, to the activities that are carried out in the wine tourism. The National Association Città dell’Olio, which has always been committed to the recognition of oil tourism in Italy, thus creates a fantastic initiative: the National Oil Tourism Competition. The aim of the competition is to bring together all the experiences related to oil tourism promoted by the Oil Cities. The Cities of Oil in Italy are many and it’s necessary to give visibility and value to the experiential activities organized in every single territory.

MDS is placed in this fantastic context of revaluation and renaissance of oil tourism to present its experience among the olive trees of Salento. A whirlwind of experiences that will make you relive a thousand-year-old tradition linked to the processing of olives for the production of organic extra virgin olive oil. It’s a great pleasure to present our package Esperienze tra gli ulivi del Salento: la rinascita della terra tra Calimera e Melendugno MDS Experience is a finalist in the National Oil Tourism Competition.

The experience among the olive trees of Salento:

For the renaissance of the oil turismo we have thought of these as an all-encompassing experience. The guided tour of the oil mill will be accompanied by a visit to the olive grove and new crops. In addition, you can enjoy a technical tasting of EVO oil and/ or tasting of typical products. During the olive harvest you will have the opportunity to participate, it’s a moment of conviviality and sharing. In addition, we also offer accommodation in a private villa or in a hotel in the area or in the wonderful Lecce.

You can also enjoy a guided tour of the Grika House Museum of Civilisation and Culture. The museum activities are open to all thanks to paths suitable for children and people with disabilities, thanks to the support of the Museum of Natural History of Salento. A guided trek in the olive groves and/or a bike ride along the “Francigena street of South Italy” and a photography lesson among the olive trees will be the perfect completion of your package of experiences. In summer, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the tasting of typical products at the lido Le Cesine. The beach is located in the homonymous Oasis Nature Reserve WWF Le Cesine: a plastic free activity that is committed to the conservation and management of the natural ecosystem of the oasis that houses it.

Our proposal of experiences in the Grecìa Salentina is just a small example of the richness of our territory. Enhancing it and telling its uniqueness is a true demonstration of love.