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A new concept of tourism

“One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things" Henry Miller

We belive in...

MDS EXPERIENCE comes from an inspiration: how to start again in the middle of a pandemic, when the whole world had stopped? Our belief was that the fundamental aspects of our existence could not be erased. Among them is travel, discovery and knowledge.

For this reason, we decided to create a portal dedicated to experiential tourism, innovating and finally giving space to a fundamental concept that is the starting point of the idea of travel: the EXPERIENCE. The experience is experimentation, it is living in contact with new realities, meeting people, knowing cultures and ways of doing, learning, enjoying, running, feeling, relaxing, dreaming…


Travel to know better and to improve themselves..

Most of us have a fundamental need: travel! This need relies on the search for happiness, on the spirit of adventure and knowledge that distinguishes us.

We have created a new concept of travel that goes beyond the patterns of traditional hit-and-run tourism. Enjoy a place, discover it with people who live there everyday, get in touch with realities outside the preferential channels of mass tourism, driven by the search for original solutions to be included in the portfolio of experiences to offer our customers.


Our strength

The real secret behind this innovation is our passion! The whole MDS EXPERIENCE team is made up of curious and attentive travelers. We offer activities that we have experienced firsthand or that we’d like to do!

Perhaps, this is the most important part of our work, because we do not offer activities that we do not know. Speaking with each member of the team, you can listen to the stories that characterize each tasting or bike adventure or photo tour.

You can understand why we took that photo or why we chose to follow that particular itinerary.

A bit of history

Always at your side

In the MDS Experience team there are 30 years of personal and professional knowledge of the tourism field, many satisfied customers who have traveled in Italy and around the world and many partners involved. There are consolidated international relations and industry-specific skills, which have grown with participation in highly qualified trade fairs and events. We have enhanced our professional paths by creating a team with multiple and complementary attitudes, cohesive and incredibly motivated!

Punctuality and accuracy

It’s our workhorse! With us, you won’t miss a precious second of your time.

Travel insurance

Get safe with our insurance including Covid-19 cover


At your side step by step to build together your best travel experience.

For everyone

Relaxation, adventure, tastings, exclusivity are just some of the possible approaches to our experiences.

Where you want

We work in Italy and worldwide with a portfolio of constantly evolving experiences to meet every request.

Methods of payment

You can buy your experiences online or in person at our offices. We accept all forms of payment.

Let's leave together

We can fix a call or a meeting to talk about us, our passion and your next experience. We are waiting for you! 

MDS Experience Team

Dario Prestieri

MDS Experience Founder| Photographer | Nonstop traveller | Mari del Sun Tour Operator Director

I was born and I lived in Naples, now I live in Rome. I have always worked in the field of travel and tourism as a very young tourist guide, now I am the owner of MDS Tour Operator. In the course of my activity, I propose new forms of travel in the field of experiential tourism.

Stefano Snaidero

MDS Experience Founder | Photographer | Videomaker | Teacher | Travel ideas creator

I was born in Venice, a utopian city, unconventional, center of art and passion of great artists. My family origins are from Friuli and Marche, but now I live between Lecce, my second home for some years now, and Rome: a city with an exclusive background in which to form my sensibility, a symbol of history and traditions, a hub of so much beauty. 

Eliana D’Elia

Photographer | Communication Expert | Data manager | Travel Agent Manager

I am a photographer of Salento origins, traveller and explorer of the world and Italy first of all.
I provide my expertise in the tourism industry to give our customers unforgettable experiences.